Hi, I'm secret_online

I'm a random person on the internet!

I enjoy games, especially Minecraft, although I do play more than just that. I have an interest in programming, making games (but mostly playing them), and low-poly art (although I'm really bad at it).

What do you need a quote for? My dad

Sometimes I make little projects. You're welcome to use them, and even to contribute.

If I'm enjoying a game enough, I may write a short-ish review in the Thoughts On section of the site.

I used to run a small Minecraft server. I put a lot of time into that, and I'm proud of what I did on it. That time of my life has passed, but I will always remember the great times/people I had/met over those 4 years.

This website is still rather quiet, and I'd like to do more with it. I'm in the process of converting it, so it will get some love.

If you want to get in contact with me, then you can visit the about page.

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