Who am I?

#About Me

I'm not one to talk about myself a lot. The name should give it away.

I chose the name secret_online because I wanted to show to my parents that I was going to be responsible online, and that every time I saw my name it'd remind me. That was many years ago now, and I haven't been able to choose a better name.

The underscore is important. If your service doesn't allow underscores in usernames, then you need to fix that (just use \w in your regex). Usually, for those that don't support underscores, I use the name SecretOnline.

If you're one of those people who like to see what people do, then head over to GitHub. You'll find most of the small projects I do to keep me busy when I'm not.


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    Not-quite-wisdom in 140 characters or less
  • Steam
    Games, games, and Summer Sales
  • YouTube
    Occasional livestreams of me playing games
  • Reddit
    Where I waste a lot of time
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    No links yet, unfortunately
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    For everything else
    Don't spam. I will laugh at you. Seriously

An example 'spam' email I have received

An example 'spam' email I have received