#What is secret_bot?

secret_bot is a project that started as a small IRC bot for quickly pasting commonly asked-for links when people came into the channel with the same question as the last 5 people. It may have grown a little bit from there.

#Where can secret_bot be used?

For now, secret_bot is only available on Discord. However, with bot v6.0, new connections can be added. Proper documentation for this will be coming.

#How do I use secret_bot on my server?

First, you might want to try out the bot. You can join a test channel to give it a go. If you like it, type ~bot-invite to get the invite link. Select the server (you must have the Manage Server permission), and click Authorize.

#Main Features

#Recursive command processing

  • Chain commands together!

    ~flip ~fliptable
    ┻━┻ ︵╯(˳□˳╯)

#Per-server config

  • Don't like tildes? Have another bot that uses them?

    ~change-prefix .
    command prefix changed to .

  • Have a channel for bot usage?

    ~allow-channel #bots
    added #bots to the list of allowed channels

#Command groupings

  • Choose which groups of commands you'd like to use

    ~enable-addon help
    enabled test on this server

#Two-tier permissions

  • Normal users can't run commands that change bot's settings

    you do not have the correct permissions for ~permtest

  • Admins can do more (on Discord, Admins are those with the Manage Server permission)

    permission test passed

#Reasonably extensive help

  • Most commands (even call-response ones) have a help page associated with them

    ~help flip
    [the help page for the flip command]

  • Further help topics are available

    ~help topic groups
    [the help topic for command groups]

  • Command list of all commands you can run

    [list of commands. only those enabled on this server and have permision for]

  • Help is sent through private messages to avoid channel flooding

#Where's the rest of this documentation?