Guidelines for Reviewing Games (and other things)

#Why have guidelines?

We live in a world where reviews are taken into consideration when purchases are made. One of the consequences of this is that companies will give away copies of media for review, or sometimes just outright pay for reviews. This practice is immoral, as it is plain manipulation.

Luckily, people have become aware of these practices, and we have this idea of disclosure: if you got this game for review purposes, or if you get paid for these reviews, you need to state this clearly. This is a good step forward.

These guidelines are for public use, if you want to use them yourself, go ahead. If you don't, then don't.

#Guidelines for Reviews

  1. You must have played the game before reviewing
    You shouldn't review anything you haven't played. That's just speculating on something you haven't even played, so your reviewing and opinions will be inaccurate
  2. Any potential conflicts of interest must be clearly stated.

    • This includes (but isn't limited to):

      • Full disclosure for review copies
      • Knowing developers personally
      • Getting paid by the developers, publishers, or parent company of those
      • Getting free stuff in exchange for the review
    • 'Clearly stated' means that the disclosure must be in a prominent location, and not hidden.

      • Emphasised (<em>DISCLOSURE: blah blah blah</em> puts it in italics) at the top of the review/article is ideal.

#Updates to these guidelines

Any changes to these guidelines will appear here, with the date the edits were made.