Before the release of No Man's Sky, I was a reasonably active member of the game's community on the /r/NoMansSkyTheGame subreddit.

At the time, IGN was doing a month-long coverage of the game, releasing new articles or interviews every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The subreddit ended up getting many questions asking "when's the next IGN article coming out"?

Many users on the subreddit were getting annoyed at these questions, myself included. I wasn't just going to sit around and complain, so I put my skills to use, and made a countdown.

Countdown sites already existed on the internet, so I wanted to make this one different. Since it was for /r/NoMansSkyTheGame, I made it No Man's Sky themed. I started by taking screenshots of the game, and putting them as a background of the page. I then approached some of those who had posted fan art on the subreddit, and asked if I could use their art on the countdown (giving credit, of course). They were happy to do that, so I added their images to the list as well.

I wanted to go further with it, though. I liked the visual style of the No Man's Sky UI, and I wanted to add that in to the countdown. After a bit of thinking, I thought of making the shield bar into the progress bar for a song.

One of the users on the subreddit started hanging out on the #nomanssky channel on the Snoonet IRC server, and also started writing No Man's Sky inspired music. He was more than happy to have his music on the countdown. I had the idea, I had the music, not all I needed to do was many many hours of playing around with CSS to make it all look good.

The finished countdown

The finished countdown

The finished countdown (in both senses)