Note: The server is no longer up. This page is here for legacy purposes.

#Vanilla Minecraft, with friends

Minecraft is a diverse game.

There are so many things to do. Some servers offer a little bit of everything. Minigames, PvP action, Arcade-style games, and many others.

Scoran is a server that decided to do what Minecraft was made for: Survival.

Survival is what the game has been focused on for over 4 years, so survival is what Scoran has been focused on for its lifetime.

We are a small whitelisted server that focuses on survival and community. We have people from all over the world playing with us. We are diverse and open to new people.

Note: Previously there was a link to apply for the server here. That has ben removed, as the server has shut down.

The main town in the current world. Shaders used: Chocopic's (Ultra).

The main town in the current world. Shaders used: Chocopic's (Ultra).


Just having a website is not enough to keep in touch with the community. It's a very restrictive form of communication. For this reason we use reddit as a forum and Discord while playing.


Scoran has its own subreddit. This is a place where you can share what you've been doing on the server, as well as any announcements that need to be made.

If you already have a reddit account, you can subscribe to /r/scoran. If not, don't worry. You don't need an account to see everything.


Sometimes it is easier to just talk to the people you are playing with. For that purpose, we have a Discord server.

Discord is a mix between IRC (until now the best text-based chat protocol) and Teamspeak/Mumble (the big players in voice communication). It brings the two together in a nice package, based on modern web technologies.

If you have a microphone, then you can talk with us. If not, you can just listen in and use the text chat.

Note: The invite link for Discord has expired. If you were a member of the minecraft server before it shut down, just let me know and I'll send you a new link.